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Board Secretary and VP Positions filled.  Welcome to:

  • Elizabeth Adams - Secretary
  • Joan Madren - VP (& first representative from new subdivision)

Britford ARB Guidelines March 2007












Contact me at Liveride@yahoo.com  for an (best effort) excell spreadsheet listing of the Britford Community Association Members.  Available to Britford Homeowners Only so include your Name and Street Address in the request.


Britford Sales 2008 - 2009


Britford Real Estate Sales Data 2006-2009 PLUS SOME 2011:

Keep in mind that 2006 was the Height of the Real Estate Boom and all Valuations across the county, including Fairfax County Tax Assessments, are down roughly 5~15% since then, and Britford homes tend to hold their value well due to the beauty, quality, and positive energy of the community.  I'm not listing Foreclosures/Liquidation sales as these are not officially recognized as market value sales by Fairfax County.

 Property Address         Style   Year Built       Last Sale        Price 

6332 TISBURY DR             TH      1989          10/7/2011      $370,000

6348 TISBURY DR             TH      1989          08/31/2011    $375,000

9684 WOODHENGE CT      TH      1989           12/23/2009     $390,000
9609 Minstead CT              TH      1989           11/04/2008    $380,000

9678 WOODHENGE CT    TH      1989             04/01/2008    $435,000
9687 WOODHENGE CT    TH      1989             03/30/2006    $470,000
6327 TISBURY DR            TH      1989             11/19/2007    $439,000 
9605 MINSTEAD CT          TH      1989             08/07/2007    $470,000 
6358 TISBURY DR            TH      1989             08/28/2007    $465,000 
6330 TISBURY DR            TH      1989             09/26/2007    $498,000 
9606 MINSTEAD CT          TH      1989             04/03/2008    $408,406
9671 BRITFORD DR         TH      1989             06/07/2006    $489,000 

9682 BRITFORD DR       SFH     1989            11/20/2006    $814,900
9680 BRITFORD DR       SFH     1989            07/10/2006    $810,000 


Property Address                       Style   Year Built  Last Sale        Price  
6313 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     08/21/2006  $768,935
6315 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     08/01/2006  $744,121
6319 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     07/28/2006  $718,244
6321 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     12/15/2006  $701,000
6316 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     06/26/2006  $738,304
6318 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     06/26/2006  $735,253
6322 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     05/22/2006  $739,619
6324 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     05/25/2006  $768,211
6326 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     01/20/2006  $781,930
6328 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     02/23/2006  $736,483
6330 SANCTUARY WOODS CT    LUX-TH   2005     05/02/2006  $758,491


For many residents, Board meetings are inconvenient, so I encourage Board members to;

1. Make other times available to meet with residents.

2. Maintain an email distribution list.

3. Create soft copies of community documents.


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  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Fair
  • Keep your promises
  • Respect the Individual
  • Encourage intellectual curiosity

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The Britford Community Board is composed of 5 positions which are elected by community residents.  These members are responsible with overseeing the property management company and Britford community affairs.  They are unpaid volunteers.  I'll publish a specific detailed list of their duties and responsibilites soon as well as the community bylaws.  Anyone wishing to volunteer to submit soft copies or pdf files of community documents please contact me at (Derek at liveride@yahoo.com)

I recommend the Board sponsor the following service.

  • Community Relations - For welcoming new members and providing prompt answers to questions

I know one resident has volunteered to perform these duties as a service to the Board and community.  Last time I spoke to her she was still waiting for a decision from the Board: 

Board members are elected by Britford Homeowners, and are answerable to the community as a whole.  They make decisions that often cost community residents thousands of dollars each, so it is important that we take an active interest in who they are, and what decisions they are making.

      POSITION                                       ADDRESS                  Votes and Term limits           
Board President
Board Vice  President 6330 SANCTUARY WOODS CT 2008
Member at Large          9688 BRITFORD DR 

Here are some recent decisions that the Board has made which I think is good for the community.  Alerting Homeowner to:

  • The Carpenter Bee infestation
  • Fences which are covered with Algae and mold
  • House Trim in need of repair and painting
  • Bay Windows which are Rusty and in need of repair

Here's something that needs to be done:

  • Schedule an inspection on outdoor of properties when people are preparing to move out so new tenants are not bombarded with letters citing them for ARB violations.
  • Welcome new Homeowners and personally inform them of community resources

Here are some decisions which I've found to be controversial

  • Requiring Homeowners to pay for new outdoor Lighting despite their original lighting being in good working order an in compliance with previous ARB standards
  • Citing homeowners who never had trees or bushes on their property to get specific types installed
  • Establishing Rules and Regulations without community input
  • Cancelling Board meetings without notifying the community
  • Raising the Home Owners Assoc (HOA) Late free for from $10 to $25
  • Allowing some to make architectural changes outside the ARB rules while citing others

Some Decisions we need to make as a community is Who are the Board members and what are their positions on items that matter to us.  I've gotten feedback from community residents who have attended several Board meeting and they report that attendance has been low except in cases where community violation notices have been distributed (such as the registered letters sent Nov/Dec 2007).  This gives me the impression that the community has been generally apathetic towards the Community Board until they are cited for violations: at which time they become involved.  I am guilty of this as well since Board member meetings are often impossible for me to attend.  Despite our individual committments we need to show some level of support for the issues that matter to us.  Some decisions we need to make are:

  • Do we agree with all the board positions
  • Are the ARB decisions fairly applied to everyone
  • Should everyone be required to have uniform Lights, Fences, Decks, Storm/Screen doors
  • Do we want to allow variations on a limited or wholesale basis
  • How will variations affect the value of our property

**A homeowner summarily had her bushes removed without her permission, then was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine her  if she doesn’t take action on what they claim is a dead bush on her property.

**A homeowner was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine him if he did not plant a particular type of bush in front of his house, despite there never having been such a bush on his property since he purchased it.

**A homeowner was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine him for installing a porch light with a motion sensor for the safety of his family when arriving home at night.

**A homeowner was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine him for installing a Split screen door.

**A homeowner was A homeowner was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine him for having a Cedar Stained Deck.

**A homeowner was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine him for having outdoor lighting that was in compliance with previous ARB standards and is still in good working order.

**A homeowner was sent violation letters from the management company threatening to fine him for having  a few non standard railings on their deck.

**Some homeowners have decks with cedar or colored stains.

**Some homeowners have designer patterns on their wood decks

**Some homeowners have different types of wood fence designs

**Some homeowners have 3/4 storm doors or storm doors not painted to match wood framing

In general I find most of these ARB Violations to be just fine and not a detriment to community attractiveness and property values.  What are your thoughts?  Should these homeowners be sent letters and fined, or should they be acceptable and validated by changing the ARB guidelines?

This section is for current and potential board members to give a two paragraph position statement.  The first paragraph can list qualifications or accomplishments, and the second should list one to three of their most important concerns for making  the Britford community a great place to live.

I'm not a candidate for the board as I'm in school on Wednesday nights but here's my Bio anyway so you'll know who put this website together for the benefit of Britford community residents.  Should anyone need help with Britford issues or like their experiences and comments posted here I'll also provide that service.

Credentials/Qualificatons: I have been a resident since July 2004 and reside at 9688 Woodhenge Court.  I am a US Army Airborne veteren and have a BS in Computer Networking and executive graduate certificate in Network management. 

Mission Statement: I love the Britford community for it's beauty, safety and proximity to my jobs and several parks and lakes.  I think that fair community standards should be upheld, but not at the expense of discrimination.  I see homes that are in violation of the current Architecture Review Board (ARB) standards but still lovely parts of our community which I don't think people should be fined for.  I would recommend adjusting the ARB standards for a wider selection of Deck Stains, Bushes and Tree selections (ie. Cherry Blossom Trees & Azaleas), Storm/Screen doors, and Garage Trim to prevent rodents.  I would still vote for and support Board members who elect to keep fences clean, maintain home painting standards, and home trim repairs, but I also want the Board to allow people with legacy lighting keep their current lights until they decide to replace them.  I also want to make the Board aware of the Fairfax county Releaf program for getting free trees for our community and assist them in organizing a volunteer tree planting effort.


Please note that Board members are volunteers from the community and not some holier-than-thou institution.  They have a responsibility to act on behalf and benefit of the community, and can be held financially liable as individuals for acting outside of the community Bylaws and  conventions.  I mention this because if you were discriminated against, or compelled under threat of fine to perform actions not in keeping with published community standards (like Planting or Removing a Specific type of Tree costing you thousands of dollars) you can file a Civil suit for amounts under $15k at the Fairfax County District Court to recoup your expenses.  I recommend you research your case with a lawyer if you have been a victim of a Board member abusing their position of trust. It is my hope that this should not be necessary but you should know your resources.      

Civil Lawsuits (where the amount at issue is $15,000 or less) may be filed at:

The Fairfax County General District Court
4110 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Clerical Offices Civil Division 703-691-7320
The Judicial Center is located in the City of Fairfax behind the historical courthouse and directly to the left of the tall Massey Building. This is just south of the intersection of Rt. 123 (Chain Bridge Road) and Rt. 236 (Main Street or Little River Turnpike).

Public parking is available in Garage B located on Page Avenue, between West Street and Judicial Drive, for a charge of 50 cents per half hour. A small surface parking lot located between the Massey Building and the Judicial Center provides accessible parking spaces for those with a DMV permit or plates.

For more information go to:   http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/courts/gendist/